Another Perfect Game!

Our second 10-in-a-row top rating from GuildQuality!

The GuildQuality 10-star Badge.

"Earning this badge is like with pitching a perfect game in baseball," said owner John Murphy. He is referring to the December 2019 notification by GuildQuality that Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel has been awarded another 10-in-a-row 5-star badge.

To earn this badge of customer satisfaction you have to have, without a break, earn 10 random surveys done by GuildQuality researchers with the highest possible rating of satisfaction. Miss one in the string—let's say you get a 4 star rating instead of a 5—then you start the count all over, like having a perfect game going in the 9th inning and giving up a bloop single to right field. Sorry, no perfect game.

Lee Richmond, pitcher of the first perfect game in major league history, May 5, 1857. He played for the Boston Red Stockings

Over the 150 years of Major League Baseball history, and over 218,400 games played, there have been 23 official perfect games by the current definition. No pitcher has ever thrown more than one.

Cy Young, first perfect game pitcher of the modern era, circa 1908. He obviously ate better than Richmond.

Obviously pitching a perfect game is more difficult, but the analogy fits pretty well. It takes everyone working together to catch every fly ball, every grounder, stopping every ball in the dirt, and even the manager putting the right people on the field.

"This is like a stiff breeze at our backs as we head into 2020," remarked Murphy about the direction of the 37-year-old design/build firm. "But it also underscores the efforts we currently have underway to further improve how we get things done and how well we treat each other in the process."

Owner John Murphy talking about vulnerable trust vs. predictive trust in great teamwork. Interpreter in background is for our hearing impaired lead carpenter, far left. John is speaking to production teams at our temporary paint shop operation in the Shaw Stewart Lumber complex.

Since the fire of May 2019 that destroyed the Blaine offices of Murphy Bros., the company has been on a mission to use this tragic event as a springboard to a leaner, stronger, and overall better enterprise.

"We are looking for ways to eliminate waste of resources and time, a practice known as "Continuous Improvement". That's just being smart. But's that's only half the battle," explains Murphy, "You also have to be healthy. There's no question we're satisfying our clients, but at times we're making it harder on ourselves than we need to, like two guys in a tug-o-war contest.

12-30-19: The tear down has begun. Always best to do it in a snow storm. New offices slated to open in May of 2020.

Murphy Bros. is currently revisiting the Meyers/Briggs personality tool and working through Lencioni's team leadership (5 Dysfunctions of a Team) to build even greater more successful relationships among all staff and trade partners.

"Most of this stuff we probably already know. We just need to be reminded of it and how important it is and that we need to do it every day," concluded Murphy.

Murphy Bros. has been relying on independent and verified satisfaction surveys by GuildQuality as one key metric to measure our success for the last 12 years.

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