10 In A Row!

It's like throwing a perfect game—only better!

Achieving our third 5-Star exceptional service badge from GuildQuality a month ago was a pretty big deal to our remodeling staff. They earned it with uncommon dedication and exemplary efforts to satisfy our clients.

So, when we were informed this week that we just earned our first 10-Star badge, (10 in a row) we were thrilled of course, a little shocked, but mostly filled with gratitude and well, yes a little pride too. Very few companies ever earn a 5-Star badge from GuildQuality, let alone a 10-Star!

You might as well ask why is it so hard to throw a perfect game in baseball? All it takes is one hit and you have to start all over again. It’s the same with these “exceptional service ratings” from our clients. We could have nine in a row and then get one that isn’t as high and bang, we're right back at zero—new game tomorrow.

Murphy Bros. has been relying on independent and verified satisfaction surveys by GuildQuality as one key metric to measure our success for the last 10 years.

It is proof of predictable, repeatable quality and satisfaction. And that's really big in the world of custom remodeling where very little is predictable and anything—machines, materials, people, weather—can and often does go wrong and must then quickly be put right. Quick recovery and nimbleness is sometimes even more important than detailed planning.

What’s next you ask? There’s the 20 in a row and the 50 in a row badge to pursue. Achieving either one of those should warrant a party, don't you think?

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