2010 Twin Cities Chamber Green Award

Murphy Bros. Designers and Remodelers was honored at the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce 2010 Annual Gala with the, "Green Award". John and Sherry Murphy were in attendance to accept this award that is given to companies that exercise responsible use and stewardship of our natural resources.

More than 25 years ago, Murphy Bros was green before "Green" was coined a label for today's environmentally aware movement. Energy efficiency, healthy home environments, long endurance materials, and minimizing waste have always been part of our philosophy and craft.

In 1979 John worked with his parents to design and build a passive solar home near Zimmerman, MN that utilized an earth sheltered, multilevel design and incorporated a South facing thermal mass wall that collected solar energy through thermal pain windows recycled from a commercial building renovation. In that same spirit of innovation and invention; Murphy Bros. has incorporated high tech foams, Geothermal heating and cooling, carefully land and lot utilization, and air to air exchangers, decades before these and other building practices became popular or standardized construction methods.

To this day Murphy Bros. reviews Green building concepts with our clients and what the benefits and costs are that are associated with those options. Many earth friendly techniques and products can be incorporated into projects at little to no cost or our clients and are always completed. Other items that might be more involved are reviewed with clients in terms of what the clients goals and investment commitment is as it applies to living in and selling their homes in the future..

To stay on the forefront of green building technology our staff is involved with local trade associations such as NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), and the Remodelers Council of BATC (Builders Association of the Twin Cites). Attending seminars and continuing education courses on Green topics as well as serving on committees regarding education, marketing and training field staff all help ensure our proficiencies.

Our carpenters are also involved in trainings and demonstrations with vendors and trade association events. Also, by nature, their natural tendencies to research and perfect their craft, makes them another one of Murphy Bros. critical resources to learn from and teach techniques and offer feedback.

Our Paint and Coatings Department is also attuned to its Green responsibility as it is often using products such as low VOC and waterborne coatings and also products naturally derived from natural organic sources. Managing and mitigating waste products is also important as compliance and reporting to the EPA is a regular part of this highly technical division.

Fortunately, the construction industry has taken a more active role in defining what the term "Green" actually means and how it can be applied.

1. Site Impact - minimize erosion and run-off, use fewer chemicals and promote natural vegetation.

2. Material Efficiencies - Better designed spaces, reuse of salvaged materials, minimize waste.

3. Energy and water use - Energy efficient construction and low water use fixtures and appliances.

4. Indoor Environmental Quality - minimize pollutants from "off gassing" materials. Control moisture to minimize mold and mildew growth conditions.

5. Waste Management - Recycle, reuse and reduce what goes to the landfill and properly handle hazardous wastes such as lead, asbestos, solvents, etc.

While anyone can take any one or two of these principles and "Green wash" a project, it is only by incorporating all of these principles as a system that would, by the expert's definition, make a project "Green".

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