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All aspects of the project were run very smoothly. I enjoyed the preparation process and once all choices were made I was very impressed with the pre-demo meeting. I think it was very helpful to have everyone on the same page. The discussion that happened before the work began with all of the team members involved was extremely helpful. The scheduling was good and I was always informed of any changes. I was hesitant to have work done while my family left town on a vacation but was very pleased with all of the work completed in our absence. Everyone was always professional and pleasant to deal with. I was also very happy with the way the project was cleaned up at the end of every work day.
Posted on Guild Quality 2 years, 7 months ago

Condo Kitchen Remodel in Minneapolis

Wow, What an Amazing View!


BEFORE With their backs to the windows, guests miss out on the spectacular views of downtown.

Minneapolis Condo Kitchen, Complete

 AFTER: New seating arrangement is great for enjoying conversation and views of the Mississippi.

 Floor Plan Before

OLD LAYOUT Guests are seated with their backs to the wall of windows. 

New Floor Plan

NEW OPEN LAYOUT Guests are seated around a peninsula, where they can enjoy one another and the views.

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